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Founded: 1992

Location: Atlanta, Georgia


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Intouch Telecommunications, Inc. is a communications network technology company, founded in 1992. The company was created to provide customers a single source for telecommunications, networking, connectivity, and security solutions. The company provides a multitude of products and network services that deliver increased productivity, improved efficiency, faster response time, lower communications cost and a competitive advantage.

Intouch Telecommunications is an innovative resource that creates telecommunications technology solutions, provides network pathways, network connectivity and security solutions for major commercial, institutional and industrial businesses to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that the internet and its access provides.

Intouch Telecommunications combines an experience level of over 40 years in this industry. Intouch Telecommunications' teams of experts are trained to solve communications related issues, from small to large installations. They support diverse network and telecommunications equipment.

Intouch Telecommunications is dedicated to excellent customer service and support. In today's fast paced business environment, often times customer service with many companies is an after thought. With Intouch Telecommunications, customer service and focus starts with the initial contact. Beginning with the requirements analysis, strategic planning, and all phases of interaction, customer care is a priority.

Intouch Telecommunications is responsive and dedicated to excellence. In providing customer solutions, the relationship is that of partnering to accomplish both critical and non-critical objectives. Our client list is reflective of this customer care philosophy.

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